Alex Muresianu Appearances, 2020

January 6: 2 Hard 2 Spell, Up Close and Political
January 7: Michigan Should Reform Its Licensing Laws, Detroit News
January 9: How Much Money Is There in Better Tax Enforcement, Pursuit
January 10: A Eulogy for the Cadillac Tax, Pursuit
January 27: On Occupational Licensing, Connecticut Can Do Better, The Connecticut Post
January 31: Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Hit Manufacturing Jobs Hard, Washington Times

February 20: What the Conservative Civil War Means for Republican Policy, Arc Digital

March 22: Let’s Talk About Cash Payments, Pursuit
March 30: COVID-19 and Deregulating All the Things, Young Voices Podcast
March 31: Trump Offers Up Bad Policy Idea that Won’t Help Struggling Restaurants, Washington Examiner

April 2: America’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response Requires Certificate-of-Need (CON) Law Reform Now, Washington Times

May 18: Why a Capital Gains Tax Cut Doesn’t Make Sense for a Stimulus, Pursuit
May 29: A Look at Remote Work in the Federal Workforce During COVID-19, Pursuit

June 9: Pandemic Economics, Arc Digital
June 17: What the Internet Can Tell Us About Capital Investment, Infrastructure, and Tax Policy, Tax Foundation
June 20: Why Neutral Cost Recovery Is Good for Workers, Tax Foundation

July 1: Did 1986 Tax Reform Hurt Affordable Housing, Tax Foundation
July 1: USCIS’s Self-Inflicted Budget Wounds, Pursuit
July 9: Does America Need to Reimagine its Democracy to Survive, Young Voices Podcast
July 10: Neutral Cost Recovery and Expensing: FAQ, Tax Foundation
July 13: Attracting Manufacturing to the U.S. Should Start with Neutral Tax Treatment, Not Subsidies, Tax Foundation
July 23: 1980s Tax Reform, Cost Recovery, and the Real Estate Industry: Lessons for Today, Tax Foundation
July 24: How America Can Stand Up to China Without Sacrificing Economics, The National Interest

August 7: Estimating Neutral Cost Recovery’s Impact on Affordable Housing, Tax Foundation
August 20: How the CARES Act Fixed a Tax Bias Against Green Investment, Tax Foundation
August 26: Economic Nationalism Forestalls Our Economic Greatness, National Review

September 11: Tax Policy, Deficits, and Financialization, Bastiat

October 15: How Occupational Regulations Cost State and Local Governments, The Captured Economy

November 7: Priors Confirmed, Priors Challenged, Medium
November 11: Punditry on the 2020 Election, Moving Forward
November 17: Licensing Reform Would Bring Relief to a Stricken Economy, Washington Examiner

December 16: What Biden Gets Wrong on Taxes and Manufacturing, National Review

Young Voices contributor and Tufts student writing about economics. Published: The American Conservative and The Washington Examiner. @ahardtospell

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