Alex Muresianu Appearances, 2019

I’ll be updating this document throughout the year for every article or media appearance I do.

January 2: Housing Reform: The One Thing Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On, The American Conservative
January 11: Sweetheart Deals for Big Companies Aren’t What Florida Needs, The Tallahassee Democrat
January 17: Michigan Can Have Smooth Marijuana Legalization, Detroit News
January 18: 121 Ways to Cut the Debt, Pursuit
January 25: How Much Does Your Local Government Raise from Fines and Forfeitures, Pioneer Institute
January 28: The Case Against the Charitable Deduction, Ordinary Times

February 5: To Win Over Millennials, Conservatives Must Fight Income Inequality, The American Conservative
February 14: Guess What Massachusetts Public Employee Earns Over $1 Million, Pioneer Institute
February 18: How to Open Job Opportunities to Replace the Decline in Manufacturing, The Federalist
February 26: Ben Wyatt and the Republicanism of Parks and Rec, Lone Conservative
February 28: The State Legislature Should Steer Clear of New Occupational Licensing Laws, Pioneer Institute

March 13: Federal Housing Reform Should Start With Removing Tax Deductions, Pursuit
March 15: Coastal Towns Charge the Most Permit Fees Per Capita in Massachusetts, Pioneer Institute
March 22: A Primer on Secondary Revenue Sources for Local Governments, Pioneer Institute
March 22: College Admissions Scandal Calls Into Question Federal Higher Ed Policy, Pursuit
March 27: Venezuelan Refugees Could Save the California GOP, Orange County Register
March 29: More Accessible Healthcare Can Only Come with Transparency, RealClear Health

April 1: Testimony Before the British Ministry of Magic Committee on Ways and Means, Tax Foundation
April 3: In Defense of the Trump Tax Cuts, CapX
April 5: Rising Infrastructure Costs Hinder Transportation Investment, Pioneer Institute
April 12: Time to Say “Cut” on Massachusetts’s Film Tax Credit? Pioneer Institute
April 15: What is the Tax Gap, and What Can Be Done to Reduce It, Pursuit
April 16: Why Bill Weld is the Best Primary Challenger Anti-Trump Republicans Have, Lone Conservative
April 17: Incremental Healthcare Reform Is a Smarter Bet than Obamacare Repeal for the GOP, National Review
April 18: Don’t Raise Taxes to Reduce Missouri’s Deficit, Cut Corporate Welfare, Ordinary Times
April 23: 5 Better Ways to Tax the Rich, Pursuit
April 29: No, Tax Policy Did Not Cause Income Inequality, Arc Digital
April 29: Alex Muresianu on Neoliberalism, Tax Policy, and Inequality, Belvyland

May 1: The Connection Between Property Taxes and Pension Funding, Pioneer Institute
May 6: Commuter Benefits Programs in the United States, Pioneer Institute
May 14: Reforming the Tax Code to Make It Pro-Soup Kitchen, The American Conservative
May 17: Four Ways to Make Infrastructure More Affordable, Pursuit
May 28: Young Voices Podcast Episode 19, Young Voices
May 29: Beer Industry Blames Tariffs for 40,000 Job Losses, Reason
May 31: Illinois Passes Constitutional Amendment to Allow a Progressive Income Tax, Reason

June 3: Warren’s Budget Math Still Doesn’t Work, Reason
June 5: Colorado’s Jared Polis is the Latest Governor to Embrace Licensing Reform, Reason
June 6: New York Might License Elevators to Solve a Public Safety Problem That Doesn’t Exist, Reason
June 11: Federal Hospital Regulations Are a Competition-Killing Mess. A New Bill Promises to Change That, Reason
June 14: Mick Mulvaney Turns His Back on the National Debt, Reason
June 14: Missouri and Kansas Could Do More for Rural Residents’ Health Care Needs, Kansas City Star
June 17: Let’s Move More Federal Agencies Out of Washington, Reason
June 18: Should We Move Federal Agencies Out of DC, KWOS
June 20: Kansas City Uses Bad Research to Justify Corporate Welfare, Reason
June 26: Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Help the Entrepreneurs She Screwed Over With Dodd-Frank, Reason
June 28: John Delaney Won’t Be President, But His Health Care Plan Is Worth a Look, Reason

July 1: Deceptive Data Makes Georgia’s Film Tax Credit Program Look Less Wasteful, Reason
July 3: Pennsylvania Opens Up to Workers From Other States, Reason
July 6: Talking Healthcare, The Randy Tobler Show
July 9: Be Skeptical About Bernie Sanders’ Financial Transactions Tax, Reason
July 10: Young Voices Podcast Episode 23, Young Voices
July 11: Relax, the Dominican Republic Hasn’t Become Less Safe for Americans, Reason
July 12: How Government-Inflated Housing Costs Contribute to Social Security’s Collapse, The Federalist
July 12: As Tropical Storm Barry Approaches, the GAO Highlights FEMA’s Past Failings, Reason
July 17: Rhode Island is the Latest State to Abolish Onerous Hair-Braiding Licensing, Reason
July 22: Outraged Politicians and Official Statistics Miss the Benefits of Tech, Reason
July 25: The Nationalist Right is Wrong: More Immigration Doesn’t Reduce Wages, Reason
July 30: Utah Is Letting Lots of Government Employees Work From Home, Reason
July 30: Delaney on Medicare-for-All: “This Isn’t About Healthcare, This is an Anti-Private Sector Strategy,” Reason
July 31: The Federal Government Doesn’t Need to Spend More to Fix the Housing Crisis, Pursuit

August 1: Andrew Yang is Wrong About Shopping Malls and Amazon, Reason
August 2: Don’t Believe the Hype: Sales Tax Holidays are Usually a Ripoff, Reason
August 8: The Big Thing Democrats Are Missing About Healthcare, Arc Digital
August 14: Where Elizabeth Warren and Republicans Might Have Common Ground on Taxes, Pursuit
August 14: Discussing Arc Digital Healthcare Piece, Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde

September 5: Actually, Smoke-Filled Rooms Are Good, Arc Digital
September 6: Actually, Smoke Filled Rooms Are Good, Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde
September 24: Want to Tax Wealth? Implement a VAT, Pursuit
September 26: Medicare-for-All is Bad, but Employer-Based Healthcare is Bad Too, Arc Digital
September 30: The Slowdown in Business Formation: What it Is and What We Can Do About It, RealClear Public Affairs

October 15: Reducing Government Office Space: Fiscally and Environmentally Responsible, Pursuit
October 31: National Conservatism vs Libertarianism, Young Voices Podcast

November 5: For Legal Pot Shops, Regulation Can Turn Into Mob-Style Extortion, RealClear Policy
November 13: How Occupational Licensing Laws Reduce State and Local Tax Revenues: The Public Finance Case for Occupational Licensing Reform, Pioneer Institute
November 19: A Good Tax Idea and a Bad Tax Idea from the GOP, Pursuit
November 21: Discussing Occupational Licensing, Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde
November 27: Occupational Licensing Drains Workers, State Governments, Orange County Register

December 11: Yes, Gov. DeSantis, It’s Time to Throw Away Pillow Regulations, The Sun Sentinel

Young Voices contributor and Tufts student writing about economics. Published: The American Conservative and The Washington Examiner. @ahardtospell

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