Alex Muresianu Appearances, 2018

I’ve decided to put together a list of all of my media appearances over the past year. This includes published op-eds, papers, blog posts, radio spots, and TV appearances.

January 9: The Case for Corporate Tax Cuts, Lone Conservative
January 18: The Left Still Doesn’t Understand Never Trump, Lone Conservative
January 25: Book Review: Beyond the Messy Truth, Lone Conservative

February 8: 3 Problems Only Conservatives Can Fix That Millennials Will Love,
February 12: These 3 Issues Will Win the Hearts of Millennials, Young Voices Podcast
February 20: Conservative Millennial Appeal, The Glenn Beck Program

March 23: Don’t Decrease Legal Immigration, Lone Conservative

April 6: Free Market Cures to Wage Stagnation, Townhall
April 18: The Problem With Asking What Has Conservatism Conserved,
April 24: Opening the Locked Door of Infrastructure With This Hidden Key, The Daily Caller

May 23: Reform Conservatism and Reaganomics: A Middle Road,
May 28: To Reduce Income Inequality, Privatize Social Security, The Federalist

June 8: Taxing Patreon Contributions, Tax Foundation
June 11: Reagan’s LGBT Track Record, Lone Conservative
June 12: Dear NRA and Planned Parenthood, Stay in Your Lane, Lone Conservative
June 15: The Complicated Nature of the Deductibility of Drug Advertising, Tax Foundation
June 16: Combatting Income Inequality by Privatizing Social Security, Your Life Your Wealth Show
June 18: Want to Cure Millennials’ Financial Woes? Reform the Payroll Tax, Glenn Beck
June 20: Gillibrand’s Financial Transactions Tax A Retread of Bad Ideas, Tax Foundation
June 22: What Conservatives Miss About the Wage Gap, Lone Conservative
June 27: Conservatives Need a Better Healthcare Message, Washington Examiner
June 27: Another Look at Reforming the Health Insurance Exclusion, Tax Foundation

July 10: Making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Individual Income Tax Provisions Permanent, Tax Foundation
July 12: Stop Citing “Basic Economics,” Lone Conservative
July 13: Occupational Licensing: A Bipartisan Blueprint for Helping Low-Income Workers, FEE
July 17: The Economics of 1986 Tax Reform, and Why It Didn’t Create Growth, Tax Foundation
July 20: What Tomi Lahren Gets Wrong (and What She Gets Right), Lone Conservative
July 21: Nanny Statism is Sweeping the Nation, The Daily Caller
July 23: Trump’s Iran Tweets, Fox 5 DC
July 25: Senator Harris’s Rent Relief Tax Credit Is a Well-Intentioned Misfire, Tax Foundation
July 25: What Tax Reform 2.0 Should Look Like, RealClearPolicy

August 7: The TCJA Simplified Tax Filing for Millions of Households, Tax Foundation
August 10: Tax Cuts 2.0 and a Carbon Tax — Why Not Both?, Lone Conservative
August 15: The Case for American Criminal Justice Reform, CapX
August 21: Reviewing Different Ways to Calculate Tax Compliance Costs, Tax Foundation
August 22: Why It Would Be Stupid to Vote for Democrats to Punish Republicans, The Federalist
August 22: What Is The Real Value of $100 Dollars In Your Metropolitan Area, Tax Foundation
August 24: In Defense of the Washington Post Opinion Section, Lone Conservative
August 31: To Break Socialized Healthcare, Republicans Need an Actual Plan, The Federalist

September 5: The TCJA Alleviates Tax Code’s Bias Against Certain Investments, Tax Foundation
September 18: What Massachusetts Should Learn From California’s Marijuana Struggles, MassLive
September 27: How the GOP Ran Out of Ideas, Washington Examiner
September 28: Conservative Student Loan Ideas Work — So Why Does the GOP Ignore Them?, The American Conservative

October 22: The Danger Debt Poses to Children’s Programs, Pursuit
October 24: Taxing Endowments Makes Sense. Gonzalez’s Plan Goes Too Far, MassLive

November 4: The Future of the GOP Depends on a Winning Healthcare Policy, Washington Examiner
November 18: An Analysis of Cory Booker’s “Baby Bonds” Proposal, Arc Digital

December 3: Tax Law: The Problem With The Pass-Through Deduction, Pursuit
December 16: How to Approach Kansas’s Economy Post-Brownback, The Topeka Capital-Journal

Young Voices contributor and Tufts student writing about economics. Published: The American Conservative and The Washington Examiner. @ahardtospell

Young Voices contributor and Tufts student writing about economics. Published: The American Conservative and The Washington Examiner. @ahardtospell